July 20, 2017

About Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in south – central Africa. It has about the same land area as the US state of Texas or the Canadian province of Manitoba. Zambia’s population is approximately 10 million people.

It has been observed that the people of Zambia are perhaps the most friendly of all African nations.

Currently Zambia is struggling with high rates of infections from HIV. Some estimates say that over 30% of the population is HIV+. This is complicated by the tropical diseases found in Zambia. Diseases such as malaria, TB, cholera, dysentery, and childhood diarrhea. Sadly, death is a very prominent reality to the population of Zambia.

Zambia is a very beautiful country with a hospitable climate. Zambia’s main natural resources are large deposits of copper and cobalt. Other minerals are numerous as well. Being mainly a savannah Zambia has the potential of becoming the “bread basket” of southern Africa. Zambia is also a popular tourist destination. Zambia shares the seventh natural wonder of the world, the mighty Victoria Falls, with her neighbor to the south, Zimbabwe. Tourists also enjoy the many large Natural Parks where game animals can be safely viewed in their natural habitat.

The government of Zambia is very stable with free elections every four years for the President and the members of Parliament. Zambia, unlike many of her neighbors enjoys civil rest.

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